Company history

Grimet Construct began its activity in 2006 as a manufacturer of light metal structure.


In 2007 Grimet develops the device achieving activity and special equipments for internal activity and various clients

Also in 2007 took p lace the development of the product range by introducing  wrough iron products

later next year ,in 2008 the company expands its business and start producing bilboards and large ambient light box

in 2009 Grimet develops its activity by entering in metal confection marker for logistic workshop whit a wide range of waste containers,dies and mold transfer system,conveyors,sholves for mold and dies accoirding to customer  requirements

2010 led business development by creating welded assemblies and components in small and medium series,and the development of unique mechanical and low-middle range of conventional and CNC lathes  and milling machines.


Also in 2010 the company develops special welds: MIG-MAG,WIG in aluminium and stainless steel,and  also silver brazing alloys


In 2011 Grimet start using Catia 3D module to design different equipment and devices


In 2013 Grimet start to implement ISO 9001 quality system

Products Is done in accordance with the control plan. Upon request can develop control plan specific product types. Our welders are qualified .